RMV Overview

The hospital was conceptualised by 4 home-bound Indian doctors from UK to provide comprehensive healthcare services in the suburbs of Bangalore in the year 1988. The founder members are Dr H Vishwanath (anesthetist), Dr Vishwanath Swamy (Gynecologist), Dr S R Bhagavan (Family Physician) and Dr M Jayarama Rai (Physician). The hospital was inaugurated by Dr R M Verma in Feb 1990.

New team took over the administration in 1992 and the hospital with its macro vision rose from a primary healthcare giver with an out-patient clinic and 10 beds to a multispecialty hospital. The Hospital received a boost in its arm in 1994 with the arrival of Dr R Vijayaraghavan and has been able to provide excellent services in Surgery under his guidance and inspiration.

The Hospital with 40 beds expanded and acquired 10 more beds in 2009 with modern facilities. The existing rooms were renovated and a modern ambiance was created.

A Diagnostic Centre and an out-patient block was added in 2010. High end Ultra Sound Scanners, Digital Radiography, CT Scan facility, High end Lab Equipments, Cardiac function assessment by 2 D Echo and TMT provided better and state of art diagnostic facilities to the patients of RMVH.

The services of Laboratory grew from one single room and were streamlined, improved by able, experienced, multitalented, quality conscious, senior pathologist, Dr C S Belagavi.

Dental and Physiotherapy were also provided in the modern way from 2011. Out-patient services in all the specialties were provided with all the necessary amenities in the new block after building renovation.

With its Silver Jubilee on the anvil, the hospital’s prime focus is on advanced Laparoscopic surgery, Trauma care, Obstetric and Pediatric care and would like to become a leader in Quality Health Care in the coming years.

Today the hospital can look back with pride at the strides it has taken in many specialties with many first credits in the world to it. The hospital has been awarded with Dr B.C. Roy Memorial Award in 2014.